body confidence | how mood approaches the subject and wraps it in pastel clothing

At mood apparel we strive to encourage body confidence and inspire people to step out of the house in clothing that makes them feel amazing. We are a real brand. A brand for everyone, every shape, all skin tones. No edited photos or unrealistic model shots. We want to empower women and men to step into new moods and try on those bright colours, supporting others to do the same. 

I created the brand with the intention of 'what you see is what you get'. No hidden agenda or unhealthy images. As someone who has struggled with body confidence myself, I wanted to help people to feel confident in their own skin and not be affraid to wear activewear or beachwear for example. 

I used to get anxiety before leaving the house and getting dressed was always a chore. I'd start to take longer to pick outfits and my getting ready times kept increasing until it got to the point where I couldn't go to an event or would turn up late because I was so worried about what other people would think or whether I would look nice in my chosen outfit. One day I worked out how much time I had wasted getting anxious over ridiculous things such as 'picking the perfect outfit' or worrying about things outside of my control and it turned my life around.

Over time I have realised that I am not the only person that has struggled with body confidence and that thousands of people are going through the same thing. The media is strewn with unhealthy images of women and men that they themselves admit are filtered, enhanced, edited. Legs are made thinner, bums are stretched to make them look larger; so when you scroll through social media you compare yourself to a world that isn't real, it doesn't exist. It's an unhealthy and fragmented version of the truth that is stopping men and women from feeling like they are enough. 

This is what I didn't want for mood apparel, I want it to be a trustworthy brand that promotes a healthy body image. To wrap beautiful, natural and wonderful people in pastel shades that help to enhance their body shapes and bring out their best features. To show off a healthy and happy body image, helping people to feel better in their own skin and to support a fashion movement that promotes real people, real images, real life.



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