mood apparel | swimwear : coming soon to Ria, a swimwear marketplace for diverse and sustainable beachwear

We are really excited to announce that mood apparel swimwear will be selling through Ria, a swimwear marketplace aimed around eco, sustainable and diverse swimwear brands.

Ria, redefining, supporting and representing independent sustainable swimwear brands



We are really excited for this new venture as we join 37 fantastic swimwear brands selling together from this great, ethical marketplace.

In May 2020 we launched our pastel swimwear along with our lifestyle brand. We've had a fantastic response from the collection and, even though it's been a difficult time and market due to the outbreak that occured back in March of this year, we are continuing to build an interest around our swimwear and are really looking forward to showcasing our beautiful pastel swimming costumes to a wider market. 


mood apparel swimwear, sky blue, £35 


Made from beautiful chlorine resistant fabric in tan enhancing pastel colours, our classic fit swimwear has been designed to enhance all body shapes and skin tones to make you feel body confident on the beach. 

We are proud to say that our swimwear is:

Fairly Made | Zero Waste | Ethical | Diverse | Energy Conscious | No Animals | 

which we represent by joining the Ria Marketplace and these other wonderful swimwear brands.

Seven of our pastel shades will be featured on the swimwear website to begin with. For our full range of classic fit swimming costumes click here: mood apparel | swimwear



@emi.kate featured in our beach mood swimwear 


Ria will be launching their new platform on July 21st 2020.

If you want to share your beach moods with us and would like to be featured on our instagram let us know by tagging @mood_apparellondon or email us at


mood  x

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