How to match gym shorts with everyday clothing

Why restrict gym shorts to fitness classes, gym sessions or running clubs when they are so perfect for everyday wear? If you want a wardrobe favourite that's comfortable but stylish, flexible but fashionable then gym shorts are the answer and we'll show you how to match them with everyday clothing...

Shorts mood, tie dye - light pink, £30, mood apparel
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Our gym shorts have a body flattering fit that are designed to enhance your body shape and empower our buyers to feel comfortable in tight fitted apparel so naturally they should be perfect for all occasions. 
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Why not pair them with a matching oversized boy fit tee and a pair of boots for a festival? Or wear with a cute cropped tshirt, white socks and white trainers for a day out with your friends? They are perfect with pastel jumpers for cooler summer evenings and can become your best friend for a comfortable, lightweight option for travelling to new exciting countries in. You can even match our shorts with bikini tops for beach days! 
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Tuesday (@the_healthy_blonde) looks fantastic in our mint shorts paired with the oversized mood club tee.
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We created our apparel to be paired with any clothing item, with our soft microfiber yarn fabrics in beautiful pastel shades to match all skin tones and fit every body type.
‏‏‎@emi.kate wearing our shorts mood in peachy matched with a patterned cropped tee
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Our shorts mood in peachy look so lovely when paired with a cute cropped tee. The beauty of pastel colours is that they go with almost everything so remember to be bold with your choices, match together with the same pastel shade or with a darker shade, try matching with a different pastel colour or pick patterns that compliment the fit of the shorts. Then throw on some socks and boots for that chic combat look.
What about our tie dye range?; Look how you can get two completely different looks by simply changing the top from a jumper in a darker shade, to a matching cropped top:
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Why not give it a try? Pick some of our mood shorts and start matching with your wardrobe staples. Be bold with your choices and wear them fearlessly :-) Don't forget to share your looks with us. You can find mood apparel on instagram @mood_apparellondon , tag us in your posts or email them to
mood  x

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